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Updated on 30-11-2020

General clause

The present disclaimer governs the usage of our company’s website, By visiting the site, you agree with the full text of the disclaimer. Therefore, if you do not agree with the present document or a part, you should not use the website. Our site employs cookies. By using the site or agreeing with the present disclaimer, you accept our cookie use in line with the provisions of our privacyverklaring.

Notice of Copyrights

  • The Copyright (c) Zertric
  • In connection to the specific provisions of the present disclaimer:
  • we and our licensors control and own all copyrights and related rights regarding intellectual property with respect to our website, including the material published therein and
  • all copyrights and related rights regarding intellectual property are reserved with respect to our website, including the material published therein. 

Licensing of website use

The user may

  • view the pages of the website using a browser;
  • download website pages in the cache of the browser;
  • print website pages,

in agreement with the other clauses of the present disclaimer.

  • Except as permitted by other clauses of the present disclaimer, you are not allowed to download any website material or store such material on your computer.
  • You are allowed to use the website only for personal/business purposes. If you do not control or own the relevant copyrights, you are not allowed to:
  • republish materials posted on our website (on other websites or elsewhere),
  • rent, sell or sublicense material published on the website,
  • show in public any material published on our website,
  • use our website materials for commercial purposes,
  • redistribute material published on our website. We may, at any time, restrict the access to particular website areas or the whole website, as we find appropriate. You shall not (attempt to) bypass or circumvent any measures for restriction in place on the website.

Admissible use

You shall not:

  • use the website in a way / take actions that (may) damage it or impair its accessibility, availability or performance;
  • use the website in a fraudulent, illegal, harmful or unlawful way, or in relation to fraudulent, illegal, harmful or unlawful activities or purposes
  • use the website to store, copy, transmit, host, use, send, distribute or publish material consisting of (or linked to) computer virus, spyware, worm, Trojan horse, rootkit, keystroke logger or other malware.
  • carry out automated or systematic activities for the purpose of collecting data (including but not limited to data mining, extraction, harvesting and scraping) in connection to or on our site without our written consent;
  • access the website or interact with it in any way using a spider, robot or another automated method, except for indexing in search engines;
  • violate the provisions included in the file “robots.txt” on the website;
  • use information gathered from the website for direct commercial activities (including but not limited to direct mailing, SMS marketing, email marketing or telemarketing).
  • You shall not use information gathered from the website for the purpose of contacting particular companies, individuals or other entities.
  • You must guarantee that the data you provide through or in connection to the website is truthful.

Limited guarantee
Our company does not guarantee or declare that:

  • the data published on our website is complete or accurate;
  • the published material is updated;
  • the website and any service offered on it shall remain available.
  • Our company reserves its right to cancel or amend, in whole or in part, the website services it offers and to discontinue publication of the website at its own discretion, at any particular time, without explanation or prior notice. Excluding the cases described in the relevant provisions of the present disclaimer, you shall not receive compensation or any form of payment in case of cancellation or amendment of any services on the website or if the publication of the website is discontinued.
  • To the full extent allowed by the applicable law, in line with the provisions of clause 7a, our company excludes all guaranties and declarations relevant to the scope of the present disclaimer, the website and its use.

Liability exclusions and limitations
 No part of the present disclaimer shall:

  • exclude or limit any liability related to personal injury or death due to negligence;
  • exclude or limit any liability related to fraudulent misrepresentation or fraud;
  • limit any liability in a way that does not comply with the applicable law;
  • exclude any liability that cannot be excluded by the applicable law.

All liability exclusions and limitations laid out in  other parts of the present disclaimer:

  • are relevant to all liabilities resulting under the present disclaimer or related to its subject matter, including liabilities resulting from contractual obligations, offences (including negligence) or breaches of legal duties, unless expressly stated otherwise in the present disclaimer.
  • Since our company’s website, including the services and information included therein, are provided to the user for free, our company shall carry no liabilities for any incurred damages or losses.
  • We shall not carry any liability for losses resulting from event(s) out of our control.
  • We shall not carry any liability for business losses, regarding (and not limited to) damage or loss of profits, revenues, income, production, use, anticipated savings, contracts, business, goodwill or commercial opportunities.
  • We shall not carry any liability for corruption or loss of software, data or database entries.
  • We shall not carry any liability for indirect, consequential or special losses or damages.
  • You understand that it is in our best interest to limit our personal liability (with respect to our employees and officers) and, in connection to this interest, you recognize us as an entity with limited liability. You agree not to raise any personal claims against our employees or officers in connection to losses you have suffered relevant to our website or the present disclaimer. Of course, this does not exclude or limit the entity’s liability for the omissions or acts of our employees and officers. 


  • We reserve the right to periodically revise the present disclaimer.
  • Any new version of the disclaimer shall enter into force when it is published
  • If a court or another competent authority determines a particular provision of the present disclaimer as unenforceable and/or unlawful, the rest of the clauses shall continue to apply.
  • If a provision, determined as unenforceable and/or unlawful would become enforceable and/or lawful if a part of it was omitted, then this part shall be considered omitted and the remainder of the clause shall continue to apply.

Jurisdiction and law

  • The present disclaimer is construed and governed by the law in The Netherlands.
  • Disputes arising in connection to the present document shall be settled exclusively under Dutch jurisdiction.

Regulatory and statutory information

  • Our company is registered at the Dutch Commercial Chamber with No. The registry’s online version is available at
  • Our entity is a BV (Besloten Vennotschap), i.e. a limited liability company and is subject to the publication rules of the Dutch Commercial Chamber.

Company details

  • This website is owned by Zertric International B.V.
  • Our company is registered in The Netherlands, with headquarters in Breda (Lage Mosten 49-63, 4822 NK)
  • Our primary location for business is at the same address
  • Contact us by post, using the address of our headquarters, to the attention of Lage Mosten 49-63, 4822 NK Breda attn Zertric International B.V.
    filling in the contact form on our website;
    phone: +31 76 799 7803
    email: (