Certification process

  1. Pre-audit (optional)

    Carrying out a pre-audit is optional and one-time. The aim is to determine the customer’s ability to be certified through an examination.

  2. Documentation review

    The documentation check is carried out by a team of auditors in order to accept the requirements of the standard.

  3. Certification audit

    The planning and implementation are carried out by the team of auditors taking into account the rules for performing audits. Your management system will be evaluated.

  4. Certificate issuanceIf

    conformity with the set of rules is established, the customer receives the certificate that applies to him for a period of 3 years.

  5. Surveillance audits

    In the surveillance audits (after 12 and 24 months) it is checked whether changes have been made in the customer’s QMS and whether the customer continues to meet the standard requirements.

  6. Re-certification

    Re-certification is carried out after three years at the latest. We will send you a detailed description of the certification process together with the offer certification process when you request a quote