Become an internal auditor

The subject is the implementation of the quality manager training and training of employees to become an internal auditor in accordance to various requirements of e.g. ISO 9001: 2015 or others.


  • Introduction to QM
  • Quality characteristics in your branch
  • Overview of the ISO 9000 family
  • Process management
  • Basics of internal audits
  • Introduction to risk management
  • Basics of project and knowledge management
  • Quality management tools
  • Practical exercises and case studies
  • Conducting discussions in a goal-oriented and confident manner
  • Key figures Quality methods in implementation
  • Role of the Quality Manager / internal auditor

Your advantages:

  • You only invest a few working days to pass the exam becoming a quality management representative or quality representative and internal auditor.
  • You save time and additional travel costs for 2 courses and the exam (directly after the training)

Due to small group sizes, the direct exchange of information is also guaranteed. The course concludes with a written exam.

For any questions please contact us:
Zertric International B.V. or +31 76 799 78 03