We certify

medical practices, pharmacies, rehabilitation facilities, hospitals and care facilities

You get a wide range of services related to quality and safety. This includes the certification of your management system so that the processes in your medical practice can be made even more transparent and efficient. You will receive proof that your system is tailored to your practice. You fully meet the requirements of a quality management.

The certification provides the following benefits:

  • Transparent processes
  • Development and use of improvement potentials
  • Options for cost savings
  • Protection against liability claims
  • Ensuring compliance with legal requirements
  • marketing tool
  • Trust income for patients and referring physicians
  • Employee motivation


ISO 9001:2015

This standard relates to quality management systems (QMS) in general.
It describes the requirements that a QMS must meet in order to set the processes in a facility fundamentally and effectively. Our auditors have many years of experience in the implementation of certification procedures according to the standard ISO 9001: 2015.

Food area:

ISO 22000:2005 / ISO 22000:2018

In these rules the requirements for management systems is positioned for the food safety. ISO 22000 provides small and medium enterprises a thoroughly
of trade and industry accepted alternative to the IFS or BRC requirement
because no example unannounced audits are provided, a revision only every 8 to 10 years does not take place and the auditor is not limited to the maximum number of its audit visits in succession.

For companies, the change is worthwhile, because in addition to the audit cost reduction for ISO 22000, no additional effort in the installed quality management system is necessary.


ISO 50001:2011 / ISO 50001:2018

Certification according to ISO 50001 (or a registered environmental management system according to EMAS regulation) is a prerequisite for partial exemption, particularly energy-intensive companies and in the future, too, for the relief of companies in the manufacturing sector from electricity and energy costs. Be on the right side with us or get an overview about the individual requirements – independent and neutral.


ISO 14001:2015

ISO 14001 focuses on a continuous improvement process (the basis for this is the PDCA cycle) as a means of achieving the defined goals in relation to environmental performance.

Work safety

ISO 45001:2018 / OHSAS 18001:2007

Work-related accidents and illnesses put a strain on employees, their families and companies. The standard should therefore ensure more safety at the workplace. The standard provides a framework for companies of every industry and size to proactively reduce risks in the workplace and thus sustainably improve the health and wellbeing of their employees.

Medical devices

ISO 13485:2016

While ISO 9001 stipulates that the organization, as a whole, must strive for continuous improvement (quality management), the core requirement of ISO 13485 relates to product safety and effectiveness. Here, the fulfillment of the requirements for the product should be ensured through the effectiveness of the introduced processes.